Avocado Toast with Tomato and Poached Egg

Alright, so this isn’t much of a recipe. I’m not even going to post a recipe. It’s just toast with mashed avocado and tomato slices. But…I did poach my first egg for this recipe! And I think it turned out pretty well! I’m very impressed with myself right now.

The thought of poaching an egg has been a little bit daunting. We’ve all heard stories about how challenging it is, right? I think Amy Adams was trying to successfully poach an egg for the entirety of Julie & Julia (admittedly, I haven’t seen the movie since it was first released so I might be exaggerating). So, I found the whole prospect intimidating and put it off for years.

I’ve been using a stove-top poacher for a while and that’s been working pretty well until now. But it’s just not the same, you know? So I watched this video and tried the method he suggested. Obviously, my first attempt was not perfect so I’ll keep working on it. But now that I’ve gotten over the fear, I anticipate better results in the future.


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