Taking the Plunge

For the last 2+ years, I have been trying out many recipes and posting the results to my Instagram page (you can follow me @ushacooksmd on Instagram). Very soon after I started posting pictures, I began to get requests from my friends to start a blog. I was hesitant, because I was sure that it would be too much of a time commitment and I would never make enough posts to make it worth the effort. But about 200 Instagram posts later, I began to seriously consider it. Clearly, it wasn’t just a passing interest so I might as well indulge it. So to all the friends who encouraged me to start a blog, thank you for your support! I hope I won’t disappoint!

So I guess a few basic things about what I’d like to explore in this blog. Obviously, the food posts will be a cornerstone of this blog and I will include links to the recipes that I use or take inspiration from. I will also be posting about medicine: my personal experiences in the field, homages to important moments in the history of medicine, and anything else I might find interesting! Now in the object of full disclosure, I’m not actually an MD yet. It will be a little over a year before I have the privilege of adding those two letters to the end of my name. But I just couldn’t wait, you know!

Lastly, there may be a few random posts that don’t fit the name of the blog. Who knows what may strike my fancy? So let’s see where this journey takes me!


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